How to Release Your Impounded Vehicle

Important Information Before You Come to Complete Towing

  1. The City of Flint Police, Flint Township Police, Mt. Morris Police, and Genesee County Sheriff departments all require a release. You must obtain your release first from these police departments prior to coming in to pick up your vehicle.  The Grand Blanc Township may or may not require a release, please call us to find out.
  2. Our business hours for vehicle release information and inquires is Monday thru Friday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.
  3. If you wish to inquire about the disposition of your vehicle, please have the last 4 numbers of your vehicle identification number ready.
  4. Please have in your possession a current registration and proof of valid insurance if you would like to drive your vehicle off of our premises.
  5. All tows from our yard are done at a discounted rate.

Specific Policy for City of Flint

The City of Flint police department requires a release. You must obtain your release first  prior to coming in to pick up your vehicle.

For the City of Flint only, you must go downtown to pay for the release before coming to our yard.

The City of Flint will give you a release paper and a receipt for all the fees. Bring these papers with you along with a valid ID.

Other Area Police Departments

Flint Township and Mt. Morris police departments require a release.  Genesee County Sheriff Department also requires a release.  You must obtain your release first from them prior to coming in to pick up your vehicle.

Grand Blanc Township could require a verbal release or may not.  In order to determine how to proceed please call us at 810-235-1711.  Please have the owner information and the vehicle information with you when you call.

All release fees must be paid with cash only.  We do accept credit cards or debit cards when paying for a tow.  But only cash for the release fees. Thank you for understanding.


Options for Owners of Impounded Vehicles


Please be advised, as the vehicle owner, you are responsible for any and all accrued towing and storage charges from the time the vehicle enters our lot.

However as the vehicle owner the following are some options that may be available to you.

(1) If you have full coverage insurance on the vehicle, contact your insurance company immediately, they usually cover all towing and storage costs. However, you are still responsible if the charges are not paid.

(2) Pay all accrued towing and storage charges and remove the vehicle from our storage lot. We have discounted tow out rates.

(3) Pay all accrued towing and storage charges, sign over the title and we will dispose of the vehicle.

(4) Do nothing and the vehicle will be sold at public auction or scrapped with the accrued towing and storage charges remaining your responsibility (minus the sale/salvage price).

You will not be allowed in the storage lot without having a valid vehicle registration, and personal identification.

For current total due and release information please call 810-235-1711, between 8:00 and 4:00 Monday thru Friday.  If your vehicle was impounded by the City of Flint, please contact them directly at (810) 237-6870 for total fees due and release information.