We will put some pictures on here as soon as they are available.  The list is subject to change right up until the morning of the auction.  So if you see something you might be interested in come on out on Agust 13th to check it out.

It is a very simple registration process and only a $100 cash deposit.  Then you can come on in and check out the vehicles.  If you see something you like stay for the auction.  If you don't see what you want just come back up to the office before the auction starts and you can get your deposit back and be on your way.  If you stay for the auction and still don't end up buying, that's okay you can still get your deposit back after the auction is over.
Just like the list, the items in the pictures are subject to change right up until 10:00am on the 13th.

Auction Date: Thursday, August 13th

Location:  3401 N. Dort Highway, Flint, MI 48506

  Registration and Viewing Starts at 8:00 AM

Auction Starts at 10:00 AM

Registration is in the TOWING office.

Masks are required in the office.

Bidder and Visitor Cash Deposit  = $100.00 

Auction Starts at 10:00 AM

No Reserves or Buyers Fees

Approx. 100 Vehicles