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Rotator- Heavy Towing Service


60 Ton Rotator Heavy Recovery Rescue Crane

Heavy Duty Recovery Truck
Our 60 Ton Rotator Wrecker boasts a combination of severe duty capabilities; including superior stabilizing technology, commanding 360 degree rotation, unsurpassed pulling capacity, and super heavy duty towing.


The exclusive six point scissor style out-rigger on a torsion frame platform has a foot print measuring 220 inches wide by 112 inches long;

      providing a working radius of over 41 feet

      and a 7 degree slope capability

      anchoring claws for 360 degree pulling capability with 15 inches of ground penetration


The 360o continuous rotation of the three stage boom has a working height of up to 42 feet with maximum lifting capacity in the following ranges:

          Boom Angle                        Retracted                  Extended            

          60 Degrees                    60 Ton                  18 Ton

          30 Degrees                    50 Ton                  10 Ton

          Zero Degrees                 28 Ton                    9 Ton


The three stage under-lift has a towing capacity:

      of 53,000 pounds at 61 inch reach (5 feet)

      and 17,000 pounds at  146 inch reach (over 12 feet)

Now that is Maximum Heavy Duty Towing!!

The winching and pulling power is also incredible.

      The Dual Boom mounted planetary 50,000 lb winches have 250 feet of 3/4 inch cable on board!

      The Dual Auxiliary 20,000 lb winches have 135 feet of 9/16 inch cable on board!

      The 35,000 lb Drag winch carries 250 feet of 5/8 inch cable!

Maximum winching power.

If you are looking for heavy duty towing, Complete Towing has what you need.  Call Complete Towing at 810-235-1711 any time of day or night.



Rotator At Work - Heavy Duty Towing & Lifting

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